Strategic Marketing

Investing in Digital Marketing is mandatory for SMEs and corporations interested in a good market positioning for an efficient customer management.

In a highly specialized and competitive market, customer life cycle is tightly bound to omnichanelling. It makes essential for companies – either large or small- their presence in the Internet, and be able to stand out over their competitors, in multiple channels, and by taking advantage of the most efficient digital marketing strategies for their project.

RMG is a consulting company on Marketing, Communication and Sales, applying a 360 degree plan for Marketing 4.0. RMG has more than 30 years of experience helping companies in strategic positioning for different business sectors, providing with creative solutions, and guiding customers throughout the full process in order to achieve their goals and reach success.

As a result of the collaboration between RMG and ARATECH, we will be responsible for enhancing the digital presence of your company with the implementation of our own methodology, which selectively promotes initiatives under an overall business strategy. What can we do for you?

〝Digital marketing has become the current approach for real-time communication with our customers

Rafael Muñiz, CEO, RMG Marketing and Communication

Social Media

We have expertise on any kind of social media. We analyze your business and competitors; select those channels in which your presence would be more advantageous; and, define the best digital content strategy and the frequency of publication. We will share with you monthly reports so that you can verify the steady growth of your company social networks.

All these actions will be included in the Social Media Strategic Plan, which will be delivered to you and evaluated together with us in order to create a working method, which guarantees that all your contents go in line with the spirit and values of your company.


People visiting your landing site are those qualified and with the highest motivation for purchasing. Accordingly, our team of experts will develop a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan to increase the visibility of your website.

In ARATECH, we develop the SME strategy required by your company in order to engage qualified customers, increase brand awareness, and achieve your goals, all in a profitable manner.

Moreover, one of the major advantages of SEM strategies and, overall, Digital Marketing is the capacity to accurately record online information, which favors the optimization of processes to quickly observe the impact in your business.


One of the main competitive advantages for current companies is to be positioned among the first results at Google´s search engine. Therefore, while we improve web positioning with our SEM strategy by using the right list of keywords, we must deploy SEO positioning strategies to raise content awareness and relevance.

Only by implementing efficient SEO methods, executed by experts as those in ARATECH, it will be possible for search engines to process the content provided at your website and evaluate its utility for the users.

Email Marketing

One of the most efficient digital channels to reach new customers, keeping the existing ones, and build customer loyalty is email marketing.

Our team of experts will design a customized strategy required for your campaign in order to obtain the best results. We will create an appealing creativity for your customers according to your goals, and communicate it at the right moment.

Once the message is sent, you will receive a complete report on the campaign, end customers targeted, and all the behavioral variables considered to be analyzed.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the best tool for successful decision making in our business and improve performance.

For any digital project (website, Apps, SEO/SEM campaigns…), setting the appropriate goals and KPIs to be used as a starting point for each action is essential. In ARATECH, we count on an experienced staff to help you define the digital goals for your business, the strategic planning for each campaign, and improve your performance.

For every project we set a list of metrics and a monitoring and control methodology, and we report all the resulting information to our customers to achieve together every business goal.


Our methodology guarantees success and the planning together with our customers of every action on Digital Marketing:

  • We analyze the current situation of the company based on Marketing and Communication.
  • We favor a total immersion in your company by active listening in order to understand your business culture.
  • We study all the documents gathered through Strategic Tools.
  • We prepare a Final Report from the Audit Express in Marketing and Communication.
  • We define a project roadmap specifying all the actions to be executed and their corresponding deadlines.
  • We monitor and control each project, providing our customers with updated progress reporting.

Any question?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you of all the possibilities that we can offer you in ARATECH

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