Nowadays, having your IT system attacked by malware, virus or spy programs (spyware) is not science fiction but a real threat from which SMEs and international corporations must be protected. Consequently, in ARATECH we strongly consider that protecting your IT system is of paramount importance to ensure the security of your business.

Our experienced staff will strive to implement the most efficient cybersecurity system. Regardless the maturity level for the cybersecurity system in your business, we will develop the system that better fits your needs, and provide with all the technical support necessary to make cybersecurity part of your business culture.

Antivirus software does no longer provide enough protection to your IT system. The worst case scenario is not having your security system breached, but having the trust of your customers unprotected due to a negligent data management of their private information.

Moreover, in ARATECH we are aware of one the biggest challenges for cybersecurity professionals: cyber-attacks on Cloud services. Due to the huge amount of information stored by companies in Cloud-based systems, and the importance of having appropriate data management practices, companies are required to be prepared for the increasing cases of ransomware and DDOS-attacks, among others.

Security master plan

〝 Nowadays, technology cannot be dismissed. Guaranteeing people´s security is of paramount importance in all aspects, and cybersecurity must always be considered

Àlex Serra, expert on cybersecurity and backend systems.

How do we do it?

  • Our expertise allow us assess your cybersecurity level to consider potential risks and provide with the best possible solution. Our solution is implemented according to the size of your company and the needs identified during the assessment, which are included in the Cybersecurity Report.


  • Moreover, we can design a cybersecurity crisis plan, a data recovery plan as well as maintenance against future attacks. All these aspects are essential in a moment where cybercrimes are increasing, and new malware arise on a daily basis. The innovative essence of ARATECH, with a staff at the forefront of cybersecurity, will take care of the security of your business.

〝 Threats are on the rise. More than half of the global population with access to technology will potentially become a victim of cyber-threats against which they must be protected

Àlex Serra, expert on cybersecurity and backend systems

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