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At this site, the User may find all the information regarding to legal terms and conditions defining the relationship between the User and ARATECH. It is important for the User to be aware of such terms before further browsing.

MERCARISTA SL (trademark ARATECH Lifestyle Technology) as the responsible entity is committed to make a proper use of any information provided by the User, and comply with the national and European regulations related to data storage and use.

By accessing and / or using the site you are regarded the USER and, therefore, you are accepting the current legal document and the latest version of the Privacy Policy. We suggest the careful reading of the terms here exposed before and every time this site is accessed, as we reserve the right to change, modify, add, or delete, at any moment, part of these conditions.

No commercial relationship is assumed by accessing this site.

General conditions of use

The current General Conditions of Use regulate the use (including its access) made at this site, including the content and offered services. Every person accessing at (“Users”) is accepting to abide by the General Conditions applied to this site.

Personal data management

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Agreements and obligations for the user

The User has been informed, and accepts, that by accessing to this site a commercial agreement between ARATECH Lifestyle Technology and the User is not set. The User agrees with using this site, any provided services and contents in good faith and with no infringement of the current legislation and the public order.

The User agrees with a lawful use of this site, according to the current conditions and not interfering with the rights and interests exposed at or a third party. The User is bond to the following regulations, including but not limited or exclusive to:

  • To not commit unlawful activities against the public order or good faith;
  • To not try to access, modify, manipulate, and, in such case, use other User´s accounts;
  • To not make use of the information provided in this site for not requested communications (spam);
  • To not upload or disseminate false information or dishonest, ambiguous, deceiving contents in this site intended to mislead the recipients, nor racist, xenophobic, pornographic, apology of terrorism or against Human Rights and under-aged Users;
  • To not commit any action causing an infringement of Intellectual Property Rights at or third parties;
  • To not cause any manipulation on the hardware and software at , or any of their providers and third parties;
  • To no spread any computer virus or malware causing the aforementioned damage;
  • To not suppress, manipulate, elude or alter any protection device or security system previously installed at this site.

In regard to the contents displayed at this site, it is forbidden:

  • Its replication, distribution or modification, total or partly, unless specific authorization from the legal owners in granted.
  • Its use for commercial or advertising purpose.

Nonetheless, the User must be aware of the fact that Internet-based security systems are not completely flawless and, therefore, cannot guarantee the existence of malware or other elements leading to alterations on User’s computer systems (software and hardware) or any documents and related contents. We agree with using any possible measurements to protect against the presence of this malware.

Platform for conflict resolution

Users are made available an online platform provided by the European Commission to resolve any legal conflict at

Intellectual Property Rights

In accordance with the articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is strictely forbidden the reproduction, distribution, and public communication, including part or the entirety of the contents provided at this site, with commercial purposes, at any platform and technical mean, with no approval from ARATECH Lifestyle Technology. The User agrees with respecting the Intellectual Property Rights owned by ARATECH Lifestyle Technology.

The User is aware and agrees with the fact that the entirety of the website, software, contents (including the structure, selection, arrangement and style they are presented) podcast, pictures, graphic, and audiovisual material, it is protected by trademark, copyright and other strategies, according to the Spanish and international law.

In case the User, or other third party, considers that an infringement of their Intellectual Property Rights has occurred by the display of any sensitive content at this site, it must be notified to ARATECH Lifestyle Technology, indicating:

  • The personal data of the person owning the allegedly infringed Right, or the corresponding legal representative in case the complaint is made by a third party;
  • To indicate the protected information by Intellectual Property Rights and its placement at the site, the certification of the claimed Rights, and a specific statement indicating that the claiming part is the direct responsible about the veracity of the related information.

External Links

At are displayed links to access our own and third party contents, such as:

  • Resources
  • Contents from other blogs and platforms

Exemption of responsibility

ARATECH Lifestyle Technology (MERCARISTA SL) does not guarantee and it is not responsible, under any circumstance, of any type of damage caused by:

  • Lack of availability, maintenance and functioning of the site, content and services.
  • The presence of malware or any kind of damaging software, in the contents displayed.
  • The unlawful, fraudulent, or negligent use against the claims indicated in this Legal Notice.
  • The lack of truthfulness, quality, reliability, utility and availability of the services provided by third parties and made available to the Users of this site.

User observations

The User guarantees that any information, material, contents or remarks not involving private information and provided to and through this site, do not pose any infringement of the Intellectual Property Rights owned by third parties, nor other legal regulation.

Jurisdiction and applied regulations

In general terms the relationship between ARATECH and the Users of their digital services, displayed at this site, comply with the Spanish legislation at the legal court in Madrid.


For any further enquiry on the Legal Conditions or any comments about the site, please, contact:

Last update of this legal notice: 25-05-2018


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